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Carrie McLlwain, a relationship coach Toronto who also offers services for trauma counselling toronto.

Carrie McLlwain Transformational Counselling

Welcome to Carrie McLlwain Transformational Counselling, your trusted destination for professional relationship coaching, individual, family and trauma counselling services in Toronto and worldwide. I wholeheartedly believe that the journey to relief from pain involves embracing it—navigating through past wounds, revisiting old beliefs, and exploring our stories—ultimately leading us to a sacred space within ourselves where healing flourishes, nurtured by heightened awareness, profound compassion, and the cultivation of new patterns for personal growth.

Carrie McLlwain, a relationship coach Toronto who also offers services for trauma counselling toronto.

Feeling lost? Discover clarity and healing

So often, we find ourselves feeling confused, lost, unhappy, and anxious about our lives. Many times, we notice that our relationships, families, health, and careers may not align with our dreams. We often question ourselves about why we may feel this way and search for answers. We might look outside of ourselves in both healthy and unhealthy ways to find solutions. Despite this searching, we still feel like we are stuck, like there is a sliver in our soul, and often, we feel overwhelmed and alone.

It doesn't have to be this way. You no longer have to manage this journey alone. There is a road leading out. I am here to guide you towards a life you truly love.

Carrie's mission: Healing and wholeness

I'm on a mission to help those who suffer to feel whole, happy, and at peace. I understand that life doesn't always offer love and freedom from suffering on a silver platter. Many of us have faced heartbreaking experiences, even at an early age. My passion is to guide individuals through their healing journey, empowering them to overcome past wounds and patterns.

Carrie McLlwain, a relationship coach Toronto who also offers services for trauma counselling toronto. Also pictured is her adorable dog.

Your trusted relationship coach and trauma counselling expert

Carrie McLlwain, a relationship coach Toronto who also offers services for trauma counselling toronto.

From a young age, I was energetic, playful, open-hearted, and sensitive. I had a deep interest in getting to know others on a deeper level and understanding life and love. My sensitivity allowed me to feel people's pain, often taking it into my own heart. Despite having no major trauma in my life, I felt a sadness, like something was missing, or that something was wrong with me. This motivated me to delve into my own healing journey and discover how to help others heal as well.

My personal journey was filled with happiness, love, and excitement although I also experienced a persistent heaviness in my heart and mind. I dabbled in my own personal therapy and self development to try to relieve that slight heaviness while carrying on with my life, a life that flowed fairly well. The catalyst came after the birth of my third child, when a loved one who is in their own pain, shattered my world, and I crumbled.  I felt that my life was over however I was determined to heal and find happiness once again. Through the years of relentless effort and different therapeutic approaches, the Healing came slowly, but there was still a deep sliver in my soul. 

My discovery of Katherine Woodward Thomas and my transformative work, "Calling in The One" and "Conscious Uncoupling," brought together all of my healing strategies and therapeutic approaches. This work helped me see my deep wounds and how they shaped my beliefs and patterns. As I created new patterns, my life started to change. This profound transformation inspired me to become a certified coach in Katherine's work and incorporate it into my therapeutic toolkit.

I now combine Katherine's approach with sensorimotor, trauma-informed/attachment-based therapeutic methods and ontological tools that I have successfully used with clients for years. This holistic approach helps transform confusion into clarity and suffering into hope, offering a way through the pain.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. 

- Carl Jung

Holistic healing for a fulfilling life

Work with me, a relationship coach and trauma counsellor in Toronto and globally, to experience holistic healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. I create a safe, warm space for you to share your experiences, challenge and repattern old limiting beliefs, and awaken to the subtle ways you have been relating to your life experiences that have been creating hurtful patterns in your life. Together, you'll discover how life happens through you, not just to you, and claim what is possible for your life. You'll evolve beyond the disappointing experiences in life, align with your power to shift your patterns, and create a happier, healthier life.


The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness.  We must reclaim the truth about our lovability, divinity and creativity.


- Brené Brown


I offer sessions online and over the phone. 

Individual Therapy

Discover and overcome life barriers. Heal confusion, pain, and lack of love. Embrace clarity, joy, and love.

Break free from unhealthy relationships. Open your heart to new love through this transformative 7-step program.

7-Step Program: Conscious Uncoupling


Conscious Uncoupling

Created by

Katherine Woodward Thomas

5-Step Program: Calling in "The One" & "Conscious Uncoupling"

Navigate relationship endings with this 5-step program. Build a foundation for a positive, transformative life.


Family Therapy

Navigate family challenges uniquely. Increase awareness of individual blocks. Reconstruct for safety, joy, and growth.

Revitalize relationships uniquely. Explore dynamics, resentments, and power individually. End blame cycles, and make healthy choices.

Couples Counselling

Wellness Retreats

Escape to weekend wellness retreats. Gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and live your fullest self in the Haliburton Highlands.


Let's get to know each other! During this free consultation, I will understand your story, what's not working, and what you are looking to shift and create. You will learn more about my approach and sense if the time is right for you to take the sliver out of your soul and step into the life you desire.

15-minute free consultation

Beach with sky in the background - a favourite location for Carrie McLlwain, a relationship coach Toronto who also offers services for trauma counselling toronto.


"I was introduced to Carrie, as part of my exploration into the source of and treatment for an autoimmune disease. I had never been to a therapist before, or had considered trauma therapy. I’m sure glad I did. Carrie has opened a new path of healing for me. I’m discovering through meditation and practice the importance of how your body reacts to not only your own stories, but other people’s. It can be difficult slogging through your lived experiences, but Carrie offers a safe place,filled with respect and trust. !I feel happier, and freer since working with Carrie, and have no doubt I will continue to grow as a result."  

- K.G. | Toronto

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