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Conscious Uncoupling 


Are you struggling with the breakup of a relationship currently or in the past?


Do you want the separation from your partner to be healthy for your children and everyone involved?


Do you find yourself struggling with breakup grief longer than you expected?


Are you tired of being stuck in the pain of an old relationship?


Do you hold on to resentment toward a past partner?

Do you want to be free and feel your power?

Do you want to love again with a bigger heart?

Do you want to feel expanded and whole again? 


Even though this is not what you planned for, here you are. Whether you are in the process of ending a relationship, struggling from unresolved grief from a former breakup, or contemplating ending a relationship, The end of a relationship can often shake our very sense of ourselves, our belief in love and our faith in our dreams for the future.  We can feel lost, heartbroken, scared, bitter, resentful and angry.  So often we do not see a way to feel happy again, however there is a way forward.


You are not alone. Through the Conscious Uncoupling      five step process, you can release and transform the pain, anger and resentment.  I can help you to see that it is possible to have peace, love, freedom with a renewed hope for the future. 


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life - and you will call it fate.”   

- Carl Jung 

No matter who is choosing to end the relationship, or whose fault it is, the cost of proving the other wrong or winning the battles over custody and material possessions can be devastating. A bitter divorce is traumatic for you and your children. Actions motivated by disrespect, resentment and bitterness will not set you or your children up for moving forward into a life of happiness, freedom and peace. Even if your partner is behaving badly, you can choose differently. It only takes one person to decide to become conscious to create an environment of generosity, respect and peace. 

You do have the power to heal your wounds, evolve and grow from these painful and difficult circumstances. You can take the lead in making this process the best it can be and as a result awaken to a life full of Happy Healthy Love.

Conscious Uncoupling TM is a transformational coaching program that is designed to help you navigate your way through the ending of a relationship that leaves both parties feeling valued and appreciated.  Through a process of generosity, respect and kindness, all who are involved can experience minimal damage and move forward to live happily even after. Conscious Uncoupling TM  was created by Marriage and Family therapist and  New York Times Best Selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFTKatherine’s work has helped thousands of individuals and couples successfully consciously uncouple through increased insight and growth.  

What is Conscious Uncoupling        ?


Is this right for me?



This program would be a good fit for you and an important step in your journey if you are experiencing any of the following:

Strong emotions like anger, guilt, grief, resentment and sadness over the loss of a relationship.

A desire to not have end of the relationship to be harder than it has to be for everyone involved, especially your children.


Feeling attached to a relationship from the past that was not properly healed.

A desire to have strong, healthy, happy and loving relationships.

How will we work together?

As a Certified Conscious Uncoupling coach, personally mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, I will guide you through this powerful five-step proven program. I have created a three month package that allows you to deeply integrate this fast and effective tool.  Over the course of the program, I will meet with you once a week in person, or online while you are in the comfort of your own home or office. In addition, this package offers you my real time coaching over text message to assist you to fully implement the lessons and tools as you learn to navigate your life in new ways.  Together we will help you live happily "even" after. 

During this program you will:

Regain your emotional freedom so that you are not held hostage by resentment and anger.

Reclaim your true power and become centred in your worthiness.

Free yourself from habitual relationship patterns.

Build a foundation to create a “happily even after” life, regardless of what your ex does.

Step into your new life with a powerful sense of self-worth. 

This can happen even if only one person undertakes the Conscious UncouplingTM process. 

Bring your relationship to a healthy sense of closure so that you leave feeling whole, empowered and free to move on and recreate your life. 

“Contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds.  We do."

—Katherine Woodward Thomas

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